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1: It all began here

On 2013 I move in a larger home. The family grown and new furnitures are needed (specifically large sofas) .

2: Shopping: What a waist of time

I tool a good look and after 3 months I was still undecided. It was either ugly, not the right fit or too expensive. What a waist of time!

3: Everything is imported

So I choose to custom made them here but what a surprise: All quotes were over 7k! Way overpriced for my budget. Know I understand why most of stuff are imported.

4: From personal to enterprise

I made my homework and established some relation with reputable asian factories who can custom made products. Couple of years after and more than 50 clients, we acquired maturity in service and quality.

5: And here you are

For indoor sofas, look at models then choose the leather type. You can choose colours and make your size. For outdoor, you can choose the rattan type and color.

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